Why Ultraviolet?

Why Ultraviolet?UV light has a shorter wavelength than visible light. Purple and violet light have shorter wavelengths than other colors of light, and ultraviolet has even shorter waves than violet does; so ultraviolet is sort of “purpler-than-purple” light or “beyond violet” light.



Fascinated by form, colour, texture and ultraviolet light. Constantly seeking
a balance between chaos and harmony.


As a mature person struggling with constant changes and ongoing updates, I sometimes notice a certain degree of overstimulation in my life. More and more often, I am looking for peace in the world around me, wondering about the meaning of my existence. Therefore, the topic and goal of my thesis is a personal search for balance in the face of the constant challenges of today’s world. I would like to encourage the viewer to reflect on their own emotions while observing my artwork from different perspectives, while opening the space for dialogue and personal interpretations. In the context of contemporary social and environmental challenges, the project aims to emphasize the importance of art as a tool for dealing with the chaos of everyday life.

My name is Dawid K. Walczak. I’m an experimental artrist based in Poland. I was lucky to have the opportunity to express myself as a Print Designer and finally Art Director and Partner in Re-Kreatywna – polish digital agency. After a couple of years of working in the Digital Industry, I decided to concentrate on my own projects and doing art for a living. I decided that the main form of my message, reflecting what is deeply inside me, would be abstract art, mixed media, action painting and experimental art.